From illustration & Satirical Cartoons to Graphic Design & novel packaging formats that can be an extension to your music in visual expression.

Hand drawn skills

Standard CD Sleeves

This CD/Album cover begun as a ball pen drawing on brown envelope post paper filling in line and texture of my then cat Soloman in East Duliwch. I then digitalized it and manipulated colour, adding a font to complement design.

Digital Manipulation

Sleeve artwork

This Image was made by superimposing a number of images and getting the desired result by use of transparency, noise and colour tones. Using a mix of source material that is unique to you, such as the trees from my garden and my selfie in my own living room.

Making an expressive Artefact

Cross Style Fold Up CD wallet

This design came up as an idea to make better use of the standard square CD wallet size visual area. Too, no need for a jewel case but this option offers 10 printable sides as oppose to only 2 on the CD wallet. You can say so much more artistically and offer your fans something more memorable. You don't have to 10 different images, you can use for example, one larger image tiled across all panes.

Print & Creative Design

Standard Vinyl LP Cover and inner sleeve

In this project I created a standard LP cover using a poster for inner sleeve. This inner sleeve is a A1 size print which is folded in 6 on 6 sides to accmmodate the record inside.  It is a throwback to the bedroom poster pop culture in which the music fan will unfold and display the poster as an extension of the artist's identity and self-promotion. I am also showing a second standard innersleeve with a hole in the middle and a plastic dust sleeve.

Custom Designs

Pop Up Style Double Album Concept

This began from looking at the double album concept where you have more image area to illustrate and shown off a great piece of art work. The front and back cover is much the same as a standard LP but when opening the centerfold you are shown a series of themed designs on floating planes and pop up elements on v-folds, automatic pull strips and reveal windows. More costly to make but artistically more adventurous.

Arts and Crafts

Concertina Style CD holder

This is literally an idea "outside the box". It is unusual but it shows how creative you can be. Small photos decorate the four drop-strips making up the concertina effect topped with a standard CD sleeve. Folds into itself and is stored into a bespoke box. It also makes room for a A3 poster to sit on top of the cover as an added bonus.