Creative Partners #2

Shelley Goffe-Caldeira who writes under the name Valentine St Aubyn has had many years working in the arts and entertainment industry. She is a former dancer, has worked in Public Relations and is a published author. She has been a…

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Creative Partners #1

Representing and giving much love to my brother! Here, you can check his links to his various talents: 

2,500!! Likes on Youtube on a remix!

Selling original EDM music:

Designing electronics! From original Light-decks! To bespoke motherboards and remote IT…

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Get some video behind you

Next Act Media aims to point the spotlight on less known local bands and on emerging young talent on the threshold of success. 

I think it’s super cool to positively capture on video the various fleeting moments in time where…

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Keep on being the KeyMaster

"Light From The Future is not wasting anytime" the words of front man Pedro Avanah, who is both the composer and strategist. In such short time, L.F.T.F. want to record an album, for which they already have the songs and…

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Bespoke Album Art

Hi, besides  making music and playing live when possible I also create visual art in different media. If you like my designs and need a full sleeve for your CD or Vinyl get in touch and we 'll talk album…

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Debut Album Out Now

Debut album out now! Bringing jammed instrumentals into one format co-created in a small room, demonstrating just how well the band jelled in their first steps. 

Just like without the Sun there would be eternal darkness, without music there would…

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Check my music catalogue

It's been a journey of discovery, hard work and sometimes complete tangents. Having started off in 1991 with the cassette underground life style, Pedro's compositions has been mostly home recorded on analogue equipment but an effort has been made to…

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