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Custom Psychedelic Light Decks:

If you are looking for original light FX console to add extra magic to your show, look no further than this Deck. Built with quality components to a secret combination of electronics, carefully studied to perform to the next level. Contact me to discuss your order.

Available Instrumental Music

Gorge Caldeira is primerily a bedroom studio DeeJay and Producer, from Portugal. 

As a Disk Jockey, he has sprung into the DJ music scene in 1991, when he entered the Bimotor DJ Competition, in Lisbon, Portugal, winning 4th place. His enjoyment of electronics, in the early years, has given Gorge the know-how and the perception to the kinds of limitless boundaries this area of speciality had to offer him, in particular, when electronics and music are brought together. 

Gorge has grown up with analogue technology and is a perfectionist on all his projects. He was also quick to adopt digital DAWS with a deep understanding of digital technology. As  DJ, Gorge, has Played in various private parties throughout the decades and he is known, to be  "tinker", a "tech-wizard" and a "master-gadgetter" by his friends and family, able to both fix and create from new, adapting to each challenge with a creative mind and an engineer "problem-solution" like quality. 

George Caldeira, has an online presence on Youtube, where one of his remixes has reached close to 30,000 views, he has ?? followers and his next most popular video is currently on ??  views. He spends his spare time, creating news music in the EDM genre and developing digital skins for the forum Sonic Academy. 

More recently this DeeJay, has developed a Custom Psychedelic-Light Deck - an original light FX console, which, may be available for sale, on special orders only. This FX light Deck, is built from quality components, with exceptional attention to detail, carefully planned, studied and designed to perform to the next level. 

He is a  member of Beatport and you are welcome to visit his socials for more information. 

Creating ANA Skins - Bespoke Virtual skins

Much time spent in  experimenting different layers with different textures and colours, to achieve a nice good looking skin. 



A Background In Music DJ & Composing in DAWS

Bimotor Dj Competition, 1991.

Competing for the National Title. Reaching 4th Place.

A Competition Runnner Up, Back in The Day

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