Debut Album Out Now

Debut album out now! Bringing jammed instrumentals into one format co-created in a small room, demonstrating just how well the band jelled in their first steps. 

Just like without the Sun there would be eternal darkness, without music there would be eternal dystopia. Light From The Future surfs the sonic waves of JazzRock, jumping time and space with each beat of a giant drum. Weaving in and out of a electrifying guitar. L.F.T.F. represented as a Key, master logo of Keymakers collect the mystic keys in order to reach the Source. The keys forged in the process of intuition and chordal composition. L.F.T.F. Keymakers mission is to tap the seen and the unseen and become One Vibe - the bridge to shaping a sick jam. 

Light From The Future is a JazzRock three- piece band based out of Cambridgeshire. It was formed in early March 2019 and three weeks later they were having their first gig on a Open-mic night out.