Get some video behind you

Next Act Media aims to point the spotlight on less known local bands and on emerging young talent on the threshold of success. 

I think it’s super cool to positively capture on video the various fleeting moments in time where talent is in the making, raw and unabashed, where creative performers ooze to be extraordinaire. 

In line with other vloggers, Next Act Media is supporting creative musicians to obtain more notoriety and recognition for their work often facing an uphill struggle against a mind-set made of around mainstream success icons. Next Act Media does not actively scout but hopes to put the word out for keen promoters.  

Next Act Media is a solo project. I shoot video with a Cannon Legria and Edit in Sony Vegas. I normally film in Peterborough and Cambridge. 

Anyway, if you stuck for video get it touch, it would be cool to discuss your vision!