Keep on being the KeyMaster

"Light From The Future is not wasting anytime" the words of front man Pedro Avanah, who is both the composer and strategist. In such short time, L.F.T.F. want to record an album, for which they already have the songs and a recording engineer with bags of experience. They want to start gigging more and develop a fan base, which they say: - "It will be great to get to know the type of fans that will enjoy our music, we are not putting any labels on anything but we're very curious!" adds, TC, drummer and the engine behind L.F.T.F.'s forward motion pulse. 

"We seem to have gotten together naturally and things just clicked." says Spanish born Blomo, the tinkering multi-instrumentalist in the band."Blomo takes care of giving texture to our sound by using his electronic-audio skills both in audio design, on his synth or laptop and by adding his strong  percussionist sounds." says Pedro. 

Light From The Future is not a Jazz-fusion band playing standards and elaborated fusion, L.F.T.F. play originals and are up front in describing themselves as raw, gritty and loud but with a strong melodic current. There are lots of undertones of an experimental style, even free style but the mix is positive and refreshingly new. 

"I played with various drummers in a short space of time but when I played with TC  I knew he was the One, he was 'Neil'", joked Pedro, adding, "I, just need to keep on being the Keymaker."

For videos of L.F.T.F. visit our Youtube channel